lifestyle managment

Virtually everyone sometimes faces challenges with time, energy, and the resources to complete certain tasks for themselves or loved ones. CBGS has a wide range of connections and knowledge in all things care related. Take the burden off of your shoulders, and put your trust in our hands.

Case management is a holistic, client-centered approach to caring for those facing ongoing health challenges. Learn more...

A representative payee is a substitute person or agency appointed to receive federal funds on behalf of a recipient who is unable to manage their own funds. Learn more...

services offered

Bill Payment

Managing and monitoring payment of bills, reconciliation of banking and investment statements 

Tax Assitance

Maintaining records for tax preparation / Working with CPA for tax preparation and filing 

Investigating options for out-of-home care

Coordinating and facilitating a move to a new housing or care  situation

Monitoring Investment Property

Applying for state and/or federal benefits

Transitioning to a new means of transportation

In-home aging Preparation

Facilitating and monitoring 

in-home care

Guidance for adult children facing role reversal

Family Communication and Conflict Avoidance

Guidance for special needs including substance abuse and mental health care /  Working with Adult Protective Services

Alzheimer's and Dementia Issues

Locating Qualified Healthcare Providers

End-of-life Planning and Coordination of Care